MXR Technology LLC is a leader in Motionless Mixers for turbulent and laminar flow.


The Type “DE” Desuperheater is custom-engineered for direct injection of water vapor in the form of uniform water droplets into a line containing superheated steam. Allows replacement of the spray nozzle without removing the desuperheater from the line. Each unit employs 2 specially designed mixing modules to instantaneously mix the water mist with the superheated steam in a mixing chamber. Typical desuperheater application includes Power Generation, Process Industries, Paper and Board Industry, Food Industry, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Brewing & Distilling, Boiler & Turbine installation. The design flexibility of MXR’s Desuperheating Technologies will provide superior cooling performance in any steam desuperheating application. Standard Material of construction is Type 316/L Stainless Steel. Available in pipe sizes from 3″ to 60″ diameter.

A wide variety of process industries utilize desuperheaters in a broad range of applications such as:

  • Chemical Process
  • Power Generation
  • Marine/Shipbuilding
  • Steam Heating Systems
  • Reactor Heater Jackets and Coils
  • Steam supply to process heaters & other process equipment
  • To reduce the temperature and pressure of steam from boilers to economic levels of operation.
  • Coffee
  • Evaporator Heat Exchangers
  • Product Conditioning
  • Steam Cooking Kettles
  • Let-Down Station & Turbine Bypass
  • Mechanical Vapour Re-compression
  • Thermocompressor Discharge
  • Steam Supply To Process Heaters
  • Vacuum Distillation Start-Up Heaters
  • Paper Drying Machines
  • To reduce the temperature of steam discharged from turbine bypass systems to that required for other process equipment in the plant.